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Ex-husband does not agree to take abroad the child on holiday. What can I do?

If the former husband does not agree to go along with the child on holiday abroad, the solution is to provide his / her agreement. That is, you can sue it by asking the court to make a decision to supplement the former husband’s consent to obtaining a tourist pass, with a view to moving the juvenile abroad.

In court you have to prove that you are in the situation of not being able to obtain the consent of the former husband to obtain the passport and to travel abroad with his minor. So do not use this procedure if you assume the former husband will not agree and want to be “compelled” to agree.

Before addressing the court, please send them invitations written by mail or other means of communication. If he does not respond, he tries to notify him through a lawyer or even a bailiff. So, if you know the ex-husband does not agree to go along with your child on holiday abroad, prepare yourself early, the trial may take 2-3 months.

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